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Finally had an Indian train ride; Jaipur to Jhansi. On the platform waiting for our late train:

the fruit and water seller.

We stopped in fertile farming country to visit this woman’s small farm.

And see her stepwheel well.

Powered by their prize possession

Down the road, their neighbors make bricks.

While across the road, theirs the temple of flags honors the memory of a local sadhu.

On Monday I leave for Bhutan!  I started planning this trip last summer and now it’s really happening.  Forty plus years ago I spent two months in Nepal and a few days in India.  Finally, finally I am going back to the sub-continent of my greatest fascination. I plan to upload pictures and give them some context whenever the technology permits.  I doubt I’ll be able to do so from Bhutan but will try once I get to New Delhi. Stay tuned….

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