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In this small town in the middle of nowhere, is a fort and palace dating back to the 17th century.

The fort was built by the Mughals starting in the 15th century.

The palace inside the fort was a marvel of architecture. Being in such a remote place it is in private hands and part of it has been restored and made into a hotel.

This tile design is original with no restoration needed. There’s a bath in the women’s quarters that had hot and cold running water in the 16th century when we, in America were living in log cabins!

The more than Olympic size pool with an architectural folly in the middle for resting.

An architectural gem in the middle of nowhere!

Going off to a camel fair in the middle of nowhere took many bumpy hours in a bus and meant no access to the outside world for a few days.  We stayed in a temporary tent city, rode camels, looked at camels, watched camel trades and became one of the attractions!

The higher the nose, the more valuable the camel!

These intricate designs are painstakingly shaved into the fur and made this camel the hit of the show!

One of the traders.

Sometimes the family comes too.

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